• Laboratory eye washers

    Whether in schools or hospitals, laboratories are needed, and safety issues are of greater importance and concern. Emergency measures are especially important when chemicals are accidentally sprayed on the body or eyes. Laboratory eyewash is also an essential security equipment. Since it is an im...
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  • The role of emergency flushing eye wash device

    Most people probably know something about eye washers, but they don’t know much about them. Eyewash device as a kind of safety protection equipment, a variety of types, can be used in a variety of environments, Bo Hua eye wash manufacturers explain in detail the role of emergency washing ey...
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  • Some matters needing attention of compound type eye wash device

    There are many kinds of eye washers. Manufacturers choose the eye washers suitable for their own factories according to their own conditions and needs. Because of the different types of eye washers, some precautions are not the same in the process of use. Today we are going to introduce the matte...
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  • Applicable occasions and functional features of Bohua eye washer

    Bohua eyewash has a wide range of efficient eyewash, providing the best protection. The height and Angle of the eyewash nozzle are designed according to the proportion of the face, and the water is in the form of aerosol and gently surrounded. In order to make you use it correctly, Bo Hua Xiaobia...
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  • Knowledge of eye washer maintenance

    Shanghai Bohua is a manufacturer of eyewash, specializing in R & D, customization, production and sales of eyewash, with rich categories and advanced equipment. Bohua eye wash device, efficient eye wash, provides the best protection and avoids secondary injury. The height and angle of the eye...
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